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To gain full access to our Wholesale catalog, the following form must be completely filled out:

1. Email us your full business address with City, State, and Zip Code, Re-Sale Number/Tax Id-EIN Number and Phone Number with area code.

2. Email a copy of your State Re-sale number or Tax Identification Number to

3. Once your application has processed, a welcome letter, contract and catalog will be sent.

4. Please read the BootRoxx policies below.  By completing the Become a Retailer application you are agreeing to BootRoxx policies listed below.

It is the retailer (customer) responsibility to review and understand the sales policy before placing an order. By completing this form you (retailer/customer) are giving BOOTROXX Wholesale permission to add your email address to our email list for product updates. These updates will allow you to have the newest product information, sales, and events. 

Upon your completion of the retailer application, you will receive updates from BOOTROXX Wholesale.  At any time that you wish to be removed from the email list simply hit the unsubscribe button on the email.  

If you unsubscribe you will be removed as a retailer for BOOTROXX and from all product updates, sales, events and trade shows.

Items shown in our catalog are photos of the products available at the time of publication. An updated version may be substituted later. Although our staff and proofreaders are diligent, we reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

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